George Mason University ResTechs

On Site Service for On Campus Residents

About ResTechs

Our Mission Statement
The mission of Resident Technicians is to provide proactive technical support in the residence halls at George Mason University in order to provide excellence in learning for resident students.

What are ResTechs?
Resident Technicians, or ResTechs, are sophomore, junior, and senior undergraduate students living on campus employed by the Information Technology Unit (ITU) to assist on campus residents with computer problems.

How do I identify ResTechs?
ResTechs will be wearing a black polo shirt with a "George Mason University ResTech" emblem on the left breast, along with a ResTech photo ID badge while on duty.

What do ResTechs do?
We will give resident students one-on-one assistance with getting your computer connected to the Mason network. We will assist and teach you how to deal with spyware, virus, and trojan issues. Where wireless networks are available, we’ll help you get your laptop/notebook connected to the wireless network. We will help you with problems with applications software like Word or e-mail, operating systems, printers. (We cannot help you with hardware problems with your computer or printer, but we can help to determine if you have a hardware problem and refer you to appropriate resources. We cannot help you with your homework. See more on Policy for what we can and cannot assist with.)

When do ResTechs work?
ResTechs work in the evenings, Sunday through Thursday, while classes are in session. Our core hours are 5pm to 11pm. (See Area Schedules)

How many ResTechs are there?
There are around 30 ResTechs scattered throughout the housing areas (Aquia, Rappahannock, Shenandoah, and Beacon Hall). Of the 30 ResTechs, there are two leads managing the team, and one webmaster assisting the leads and administering the website you see here. Although ResTechs usually take care of problems in the area they are living, some ResTechs may help across housing areas should the need arise.

Where can I find a ResTech?
ResTechs can be found in the ResTech stations during their work hours. ResTech stations are located at in Liberty Square, Piedmont Lab in Piedmont, and Whitetop in Aquia. You may bring your computer to these stations for walk-up support, call the ResTech Hotline (703-993-5111) for help, or report your computer problem online.