ResTechs: On-Site Service for On-Campus Residents

Hotline: (703) 993-8870   Hours: Sun 2p-10p, Mon-Thurs 8a-10pm, Friday 8a-5p, Saturday 10a-2p
Locations: Innovation Hall & Johnson Center Kiosk H

Want to be a ResTech?
ResTechs are hired during the Spring semester for the next Fall and Spring Semesters. The application will be made available at during the first half of the Spring semester. Please check back for more updates!

How do I get hired?
To be considered, potential ResTechs will need to apply through the HireMason website. The job application will be posted each Spring for the following school year.

Is there any training, etc.?
Yes, there is. ResTechs move in a week before the Fall semester begins to undergo training. Housing costs for early move-in are paid for by the program. After training, ResTechs participate in the "Get Wired" program, which is a program designed to assist incoming freshmen connect to Mason's network.

What about pay?
ResTechs are paid on an hourly basis during the training and Get Wired periods. During the year, ResTechs are paid a stipend distributed bi-weekly over the course of the entire year.


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