ResTechs: On-Site Service for On-Campus Residents

Hotline: (703) 993-8870   Hours: Sun 2p-10p, Mon-Thurs 8a-10pm, Friday 8a-5p, Saturday 10a-2p
Locations: Innovation Hall & Johnson Center Kiosk H

While assisting residents with their computer problems, ResTechs must follow the office of Housing and Residence Life's policy concerning residents and guests. While in an area that the ResTech is not living in, the ResTech is considered a guest of the resident. Therefore, the ResTech will need to be escorted while into building the resident lives in. While in a building, the resident must remain with the ResTech while the ResTech works with the problem. If for any reason the resident must leave, the ResTech will need to come back at a later date. This applies to all ResTechs, even those living in the area they are servicing.

Formatting and Registry Edits
The ResTechs are not allowed to format computers or perform registry edits. You’ll need to get assistance from Patriot Computers or another vendor for major problems that require these actions. This includes any operating system repairs that may need to be done to your computer (such as corrupted system files).

While on duty, ResTechs will not be able to help residents play computer games.

If a resident asks a ResTech for help with what seems like a homework assignment, both the ResTech and the resident must take care that neither is violating the honor code.

ResTechs should not work on computer hardware problems. If a hardware problem is diagnosed, the ResTech should refer the resident to either Patriot Computers in the Johnson Center or a computer repair retailer of the residents’ choice.

Due to time limitations, ResTechs do not perform backups on data. Instead, ResTechs take every opportunity to ensure that residents understand the importance of backing up their files and that they know how to make backups of their data. Generally, at least three (3) backups should be made on three (3) different media.

Antivirus software
On every consulting visit, ResTechs check the resident's system for up-to-date antivirus software. If none is installed, ResTechs help the resident understand the importance of antivirus software and helps get it installed during that consulting visit or as soon after as is reasonable. If antivirus software other than that provided to resident students by Mason is installed, the ResTech may need to uninstall the software and install the Mason provided software in order to meet University guidelines.

Software Copyrights and the Responsible Use of Computing
ResTechs do not act as enforcers of software copyright laws or of the Responsible Use of Computing policy. ResTechs do have an obligation to inform residents about these issues, though. Therefore, ResTechs must be knowledgeable of both software copyright laws and the Responsible Use of Computing policy and educate resident students. If residents ask about the law, ResTechs should refer residents to appropriate experts for information.

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